Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lady Gaga at the restaurant in Stockholm – Aftonbladet

Germany had to wait.

On Thursday visited the Lady Gaga one inside tavern in Stockholm where she burst into song.

“Nothing beats having even best friends by her side, “she wrote on Instagram.

Lady Gaga does not seem to get enough of Stockholm.

After have appeared in the Globe on Tuesday evening, Lady Gaga chose to enjoy the capital’s supply during their days on the tour.

But duty calls.

On Friday night, she according to the tour schedule performing in Hamburg and on his Instagram wrote the star on Thursday afternoon that it was nearing departure.

“Makes me ready to leave the beautiful Stockholm to Hamburg,” she writes.

When her chauffeur drove up to the Grand Hotel’s main entrance at 18:30 o’clock it did not take long before the artist got in the car.

When it turned out that Lady Gaga wanted to pull out of his visit to Sweden a little longer.

Instead of going to the airport, she was driven to the pub Sturehof in central Stockholm.

Once inside the room, she published a video on Instagram showing how she invites her companion on a jazzy little jingle.

“Singing at the restaurant, I’m so happy. Nothing beats having one’s best friends at her side, “she wrote on Instagram.

After a nearly two-hour visit left Gaga and her companion restaurant to go to the airport.

In addition to his concert Lady Gaga has been diligent in health – and photographed – their fans. On Wednesday, she stepped aboard a specially chartered yacht legacy version for drinking champagne in the Stockholm archipelago.


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