Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Haunted | Music house – Saturday – Gothenburg Post


The Haunted

Music house – Saturday

Best: All Against all, Bury your dead

Worst: Cutting teeth

It starts a little wobbly, what is to be likely to develop into the busiest metal gig Gothenburg audience been part of in a long time. Thrash veterans in The Haunted would have played on Trädgår’n in the spring, but for various reasons, the concert, and was moved to the House of Music.

When the appearance initially drawn with sound problems and frowns on stage has time to wonder if local elections was a mistake.

Cutting teeth sounds wobbly and 99 lacks sharpness, although nygamle frontman Marco Aro doing their best to keep their spirits up.

Already in neat riffing Trespass begins, however, it become everything together and the audience’s enthusiasm is palpable. Then it feels suddenly perfectly to the local knotted band playing right here, on a urgöteborgsk scene that previously housed as many sweaty gigs in the same spirit.

And despite the uncertain start, it soon became clear that there is something special in the air this evening. The crowd bounces, cleans and jumping excitedly from the stage (even between songs). The intensity is increased steadily through a mellow The medication and toksvängiga Hollow Ground, with a setback in a fragmented version of Trend killer from the last album Exit Wounds. After that it is snorting mangle all the way to the finish line. Hard hitting DOA makes everyone jump and All Against All shines with strong guitar melodies from wide-legged mainstay Patrik Jensen and talented newcomer Ola Englund.

The one blood-filled is the number after the second grazed by brisk pace, while the temperature in the room rises. No Compromise means appropriately uncompromising hammering from the return of drummer Adrian Erlandsson. The husband of intimate club gig was a long time ago I experienced in Gothenburg.

Marco Aro proclaims that he never wants to stop, and as well is give The Haunted nor before Bury your dead pulled out as a blaring juggernaut, closely result of the band’s first and last song of the evening: Undead.


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