Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lady Gaga slaughtering their hits – Aftonbladet

This was not fun.

Is there a concert or a creative crisis

Leans unfortunately the latter.

In about two thirds of the concert I mostly sit and think of confetti cannons.

Sorry, have nothing better to do.

Confetti Cannons is perhaps the biggest difference between the brilliant Lady Gaga I saw a few years ago and the artist who, for example, uses a squeaky voice and cuddle with a small tyggroda in 2014.

As the confetti was a power that exploded at well-chosen times.

now working overtime the same guns. It’s rush, rush. If confetti cannons appeared in a skit of Magnus Härenstam they would have had to call in extra staff from the knees. It sounds “poof” and “wooosssch” in almost every song.

Do not trust herself

Confetti’s that pesky and överfryntliga person who arrives at the party or festival and screaming :

“What the fuck now? What are you just staring? Come on, let yourself go a little bit! “

Hen not accept no for an answer either.

It’s as if Gaga does not trust that she or songs enough. Before, she gaped not as much and just as desperate for the audience to clap hands and jump. The beats and choruses took care of it without Gaga did give some orders.

Above all, she is often poor and dull rock of his pop hits. It’s like being in the haunted house at an amusement park.

Hua! Was that “Alejandro”? And can it really be “Judas” who are hiding behind the corner with a bloody ax? Duck! Otherwise, you meet a frightful metal solo in “Telephone”! In “Telephone”? Not kidding. And the beast “Mary Jane Holland” would not you like to meet at night without being armed with a bazooka.

Lady Gaga “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance.” She plays Kid Rock with great conviction and surprisingly good results in “You and I”. And when she takes up a crying fan to its large glacial piano, administers a dozen hugs and singing “Born This Way” for her, it will be on for real.

Without it would cut the concert together. Where Gaga used to be cool and futuristic and confident she is now anxious and stressful.

A little sad

Is this her transit period, her stopover, the creative identity crisis that might lead to something else and better? Hard to know.

Before the last song “Gypsy” is Gaga a little speech. She encourages everyone to remember this time, when everyone was monsters and partied together.

It sounds like she was sniffling and feels like a farewell.

Very strange and a little sad.

Plus on all the songs


Wish version was as good as the chorus. And so a few beach balls on it.


Rigid Robot rock with the support collar.




Gaga dresses up as a caricature of Beyoncé and pretend play acoustic Flying V guitar . The guitar is the balance.


One of the many cackling rock-turkeys.

Just dance

Coming as a relief for “manicure” but rockas insensitive enough to pieces at the end.

poker face

Think that little “ma-ma-ma-ma” can change so much.


These freaking metal solos on guitar do not belong here.


How can such a brilliant chorus to be so tough?

Do what you want

The band spans not their rock biceps here, thankfully.


Even at the Royal Dramatic Theatre would the song have been imposed as a unnecessarily over games.

Yoü and I

Southern rock? Sure. And it works better than expected. Gaga plays the piano with his heel.

Born This Way

With a crying fan in her arms creates Gaga tonight’s finest Disney moment.

The Edge of Glory / Judas / Aura

All in: forbidding his coat.

Sexxx Dreams

What is this unsexy misery?

Mary Jane Holland

Gaga sings the song with three chairs on the body. Looks awkward out. And the music? The ears scream of despair.


Will always be a little sister to “La Isla Bonita.”

Bad romance

How good would the concerts to be most of the time a few years ago.


“Clap hands when you’re happy … tap, tap. “


The injudicious rockarrangemangens covenant (Dorf) strikes again.



Although confused concerts can get a good ending.

Lady Gaga

Globen, Stockholm. Audience: No idea, ask Live Nation. Not crowded. Height: Two hours. Best: “Bad Romance”. Worst: Will get nightmares of the tractor gown in “Mary Jane Holland.” Question: What’s going on?


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