Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The TV pastor’s lawyer attacked the ex-wife – Aftonbladet

Stephen Collins ex-wife released recordings in which the actor admits sexual assault on children.

Now, says the television pastor’s lawyer that she is doing it to get richer from the divorce.

The TV pastor Stephen Collins lawyer says that the actor’s ex-wife Faye Grant have been trying to squeeze “Seventh Heaven “profile of money over several years.

– During the time I have worked with Stephen and divorce as Faye has repeatedly threatened to distribute the recording to the press unless Stephen had agreed to pay her millions of dollars more than she was legally entitled to, says lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan to TMZ.

Can not comment

According to the lawyer’s ex-wife has been trying to spread recordings.

– It seems that she finally found an audience. There is hardly surprising exactly when the trial of the divorce, in which she once again asking for millions of dollars more than what she is legally entitled to, to take place.

The lawyer tells TMZ that he would like to comment on the audio recording, but that “unfortunately the circumstances require that I must refrain.”

Rumors of shootings

On Tuesday night, American time, the police snatched out to Stephen Collins home in Los Angeles after a false alarm on gunfire, reports Variety.

It was Collins neighbor who tweeted:

“That guy from ‘Seventh Heaven’ lives around the corner and he shot himself just a few minutes ago.”

Afterwards deleted neighbor his tweet and apologized. She said that she had received incorrect information from another neighbor.

The police told me later that Collins was not even home when they arrived.

The consequences of child sex charges announces Tv Channel Up TV to they set up all the scheduled “Seventh Heaven” section because of the criminal investigation against Collins, writes the Los Angeles Times.


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