Friday, October 3, 2014

Voted out of Idol – forced to go home – Aftonbladet

Charlie Diar forced to leave “Idol.”

After the broadcast, he revealed his anger at TV4.

– I did not get the chance to show my best, he says.

Back band.

Charlie Diars tanks stood Friday evening’s performance hardly in the script.

Other Friday finale singing idols songs from the film world.

Josefine Myrberg and Charlie Diar hung loosely together but for Diar was not enough viewers ‘votes after having appeared with “Free Fallin’” which was heard in Jerry Maguire.

– I am pleased indeed. It’s been crazy fun, he said in a live broadcast.

“A pussycat”

Charlie Diar had earlier in the evening riding on a mega-sawing from Alexander Bard .

– We agreed last week if you were a pussycat and not a tiger. Now you’re a pussycat who munched sleeping pill and it’s even worse. You have about as much charisma as a post-office clerk. It is not, he said then.

After the broadcast, he told me that he was still disappointed.

Not on the result itself.

but because he faced the Weekly Finals have not had the opportunity to choose an R & B song.

– This is what I understand. Last week I asked to sing R & B but it was impossible to get through. We get to choose songs from a list and it is the one that applies. I did not get the chance to show my best, he says.

The evening’s most celebrated participants was Lisa Ajax and Mollie Linden .


Lisa “Ajax” sang Lady Marmalade from Molin Rouge.

– Mr. Gosh what that stuff happens. You are a complete club girl. You should be on stage at the club and on the dance floor, where you belong. Incredibly professional, you grow week after week, said Alexander Bard.

Mollie Linden received a standing ovation by the judges for his version of “Purple Rain”

– What a punch in the face, the punch in the face! You held the concert. It felt like we were in the Globe and watched the finale, said Laila Bagge Wahlgren.


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