Friday, October 3, 2014

Batra makes Atkinson’s classic character – Aftonbladet

David Batra takes on the role of “Black Adder,” writes the Daily News.

The comedian will do Rowan Atkinson’s classic character when the TV series for the first time, theater .

– I keep on nagging at me to go to London and meet Rowan Atkinson says he told the newspaper.

David Batra , 41, takes on the role of anti-hero Blackadder from the British TV series “Black Adder.”

The comic itself has grown up with the series and love it.

Now the challenge is to make the Rowan Atkinson , 59, character of its own.

– It would be presumptuous to think that you can make a copy of the world’s greatest comedians . serve really did not play on it, he says.

Wants Atkinson

This is the first time the cult BBC series gets theater. According to Batra said that now that the gang behind the TV series is to premiere at the Intiman.

– It makes me terribly nervous. I keep on nagging at me to go to London and meet with Rowan Atkinson. But to be honest, I wish most to sit and talk with him, I have so very much that I want to thank him for.

Other roles undertaken by Kim Sulocki, Henrik Hjelt Michael Tornving, Anton Lundqvist, Andreas Andersson and Enlin Grandin.

“Black Adder” was broadcast between 1983 and 1989, Theatre Set will premiere at the Intiman in Stockholm on 15 January 2015.


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