Wednesday, October 1, 2014

U2 has been another record at the time – Västerbotten Courier

U2 recently brought both joy and anger when their new album “Songs of Innocence” suddenly was available at half a billion iTunes users. Now it turns out that the band has even more music again – according to bassist Adam Clayton U2 has already made it clear most of the songs for the next album.

– I think we have 70 percent of the material that will be on it. The 30 percent that is missing, I think we can produce relatively enkelet. But how much energy will then be required to Forina songs are difficult to predict, says Clayton, in an interview with Q.

When the record finally released and how it will be distributed is unclear, however.

– There can be brand new methods which, depending on how long it takes to complete it. We’ll just wait and see, says Clayton, noting that it would be well predictable repeating the acclaimed iTunes coup.


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