Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The woman tells of sexual abuse Collins – Expressen

The actor from “Seventh Heaven” is accused of molesting on children.

Now, says one of the women in police interviews how Steven Collins came into her room with just a towel around his waist, writes TMZ.

Then he allegedly exposed himself to her.

It was earlier on Tuesday that the entertainment website TMZ first reported that Steven Collins, who plays the father in the TV series “Seventh Heaven” in which, among others, Jessica Biel also involved, is accused of molesting children. Actors must be recorded on tape when he admits that he allowed a young girl to touch his penis, and the police will now prepare an indictment against Collins.

The girl, who at the time was 10 years old, was an acquaintance of the family. She says now in police interviews about the abuse, TMZ writes, referring to sources familiar with the police investigation.

exposed himself to her

Under interrogation the girl used to sleep over at Collin and his wife in their apartment in New York, and that’s where the abuse must have occurred. She claims that he used to come into the guest room with just a towel around her hip and then expose himself to her. On several occasions, he allegedly placed her hand his genitals, and he’ll also have touched her, according to interrogations.

Many times she pretended to sleep to be left in peace, she says also to the police.

is fired

After allegations of abuse during Tuesday became known Steven Collins got fired from the movie “Ted 2″, which is confirmed by a source in the production, reports Variety.

The actor also leaves the Screen Actors Guild, according to TMZ.

Collins is some time involved with an infected divorce with actress Faye Grant. 2012, Stephen Collins confessed to her that he exposed himself to a number of minor children. Stephen Collins and Faye Grant went together to a psychologist, who according to TMZ.com should have asked lots of questions to Collins about the events.

molested at age 11

What actor though did not know was that Grant recorded the calls.

In the tape recording Stephen Collins admits that he molested an 11 year old girl who is relative of his first wife. It should also be she who first told him about what happened.

– There were moments when her hand … I put her hand on my penis, says Stephen Collins in the tape recording.

Stephen Collins also says in the tape recording that he exposed himself to the girl, “a number of times.”


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