Sunday, October 12, 2014

Top model participant brain dead after crash – Aftonbladet

The model Anna Maria Mostrom was hit by a bus in New York on Wednesday.

The former “Top Model” has been declared brain dead -deltagaren and kept alive right now with a respirator.

– The doctors do not think she will wake, says her dad Ronny Mostrom.

At 21 o’clock, local time in New York last Wednesday rode the Swedish US model Anna Maria Mostrom, 29, on the island of Roosevelt’s main street.

When a bus driver in the opposite direction turned left collided Swede, who took part in TV3′s ” Top Model “in 2005, with the front of the bus and fell to the ground.

Police and ambulance were called and Anna Maria Mostrom was taken to Cornell Hospital with serious head injuries.

The family are on hand to watch by her side. In two operations, she has fought for her life but situation looks bleak, says her dad Ronny Mostrom.

– She was rammed off the bus and the damage was so severe that she is brain dead. There’s probably no turning back, it’s very sad. Right now she just drip and breathing machine, he says.

Turns the machine

At the beginning of the week should the doctors to see if she is able to breathe on their own.

– She will be entered into an operating room and doctors turn off the machine. If she is able to breathe for an hour brought her back to his room, he says.

But even if she can keep up the breathing is the doctors’ opinion that she probably will never wake up, according to the father.

– after all, if she would wake up, she becomes a vegetable, according to the doctors. It does not feel worthy of someone who has been so full of speed and joy. It’s not nice to see her lying there in bed completely lifeless. It’s sad but it would be best if she stops breathing by himself and gets to sleep in peace and quiet. We can hope for a miracle, but the doctors said there is no

realistic chance, he says.

More than one hundred friends there

The family has decided on organ donation.

– The doctors have taken care of us in the best way and told us to take the time we need. They have said that such a fit body with such healthy body is a gift from God

for them. We have decided that she will have to donate their organs to get give other people the chance to be saved, says Ronny Mostrom.

During the days in hospital, Anna Maria Mostrom, who lived in New York the past two years, been constantly surrounded by family and friends.

– She has had over a hundred friends here who have come and gone around the clock. It has been a jazz singer who played music and the room is full of all sorts of things, like stuffed animals and healing stones. Everyone has been here to try to understand what happened, said Ronny Mostrom.

The driver of the bus was a 51 year-old man who according to James Duffy on the New York Police remained at the scene. In an email, he writes that they have not made an arrest and that vägpolisen still investigating the accident.


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