Monday, October 6, 2014

Carrie sole protagonist in the new Homeland – Gothenburg Post

Tonight Homeland back in SVT.

The twin prime sections appeared in the United States on Sunday and received a mixed reception.

Many critics argued that the third season of Homeland was a bit at idle. Among the first reactions after the first two episodes of season four shown in the United States, it appears to have been a shake-up. With Nicholas Brody away from the action, he was hanged to death in the final episode of season three, it is now fully focused on Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes).

Carrie has a new job as the CIA’s top manager in Kabul, Afghanistan. At home in the United States raised her and Brody’s love child of Carrie’s sister. Several reviewers believe that Homeland seems to have given new energy with Carrie Mathison as sole protagonist.

In heavy Washington Post criticized, however, Homeland to be deeply Islamophobic.

There is filmmaker and writer Laura Durkay who says that the script contains several serious misconceptions and downright inaccuracies about Islam. She also points to how you market the fourth season shows Carrie as a “blonde Red Riding Hood in a forest of faceless Muslim wolves.”

The first (double) episode of the twelve shown on STV on Monday evening at 21.15.


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