Thursday, October 9, 2014

The wife’s claim: Seek help for pedophilia – Aftonbladet

The TV pastor loses yet another job.

Meanwhile, says ex-wife’s lawyer that his client tried to get the actor to seek help for pedophilia, reports TMZ.

Stephen Collins ex-wife Faye Grant released recordings in which the actor admits sexual assault on children.

Earlier this week, accused Collins attorney Grant to have used the recording as blackmail.

The information is totally false, says Faye Grant’s lawyer Larry Ginsberg to TMZ.

According to Ginsberg Grant never threatened to spread the material for the papers, but left the material to the police two years ago when he refused to seek help for pedophilia.

“False information”

assertions that Faye must have leaked the recordings to go richer from the divorce is also completely false, says the lawyer.

– Faye has never asked to be more than 50 percent of the assets that she has the right to said Larry Ginsberg to TMZ.

According to documents TMZ noted the amount the couple’s assets to around $ 100 million.

Stephen Collins became after the scandal exploded kicked from the upcoming movie “Ted 2 “. Now, it is clear that he will lose his role in the popular television series “Scandal.”


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