Monday, October 6, 2014

Historically collage to music – Skå

Of Clemens Altgård October 6 15:30 2014-10-06 15:30:41
With the show Grandpa – so close far away Theatre Insite makes an interesting attempt to make a dramatic performance of a historical material. The show is described as “a musical theater story about the search for their history.”
In line with Teater Insite way of working allows the director Pelle Ohlund audience led around by the players, in a blackbox. In this way, the entire hall as venue and will have picture of the world. It can be divided and cut up by pinstripe forming limits, which should be moved afterwards.

There is a duo appearing: actor Mattias Hahne Thorbjörnsson and musician Elias Faingersh. The show is based, as I said on historical fact. Mattias Hahne Thorbjorn’s grandfather Helmut fought for Germany in World War II and musician Elias Faingershs Semeon grandfather fought for the Soviet Union. It was the duo’s dialogue about the grandparents and especially morfädernas fates idea of ​​making theater of the material was born.
Behind the lyrics expressed, there is a private quest for information. The dialogic form is continuous, but it is combined with a high degree of interactivity, in that we in the audience involved in the movements in time and space.

This is true, however to have somewhat knowledge about World War II, as we are thrown straight into the events and developments as the name and year are projected onto the translucent screens that hung in the room. The visual elements have Signe Krogh worked out. In conjunction with light / sound designer Jonas Åkesson, she has created a setting where the darkness suddenly a spot light up and images and even handwritten text stand out.
Elias Faingersh not talking as much as Matthias Hahne Thorbjörnsson. In return, Faingershs trombone playing a supporting member show through. Through his trombone, the entire emotional spectrum, from melancholy to joy, expression, and he also does musical comments that can sometimes be ironic, but also expressive reinforcing.

So this is something so unusual as total theater with documentary elements. The mold is collage-like and function to the jigsaw puzzle is added. The result is a performance that gradually deepens and becomes more and more tangible. To begin with, it feels a little tentative, yes, even the sprawling, but as the context becomes clearer increases the feeling of being involved in an unusually strong exploitation of the story.


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