Thursday, October 9, 2014

Now different star couple – Aftonbladet

Robin Thicke tried for months to save the marriage.

But now beats Paula Patton the last nail in the coffin.

Robin Thicke , 37, recorded an album, flew to Canada, begged.


singer’s wife recently left a application for divorce, reports TMZ.

Paula Patton , 38, wants joint custody of the common son Julian Fuego 4.

Surpassed 1991

Patton stated that the reason for divorce is “irreconcilable differences.”

Patton and Thicke hit for the first time 1991 They started dating two years later and were married in June 2005 The couple separated in February in 2014.

Since the separation rumors about Thickes alleged affair chasing him.

Autumn 2013 created Robin Thicke big headlines when he was caught on picture with a female fan. A mirror in the picture’s background revealed that Thicke took a firm grip on the woman’s butt.


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