Sunday, July 31, 2016

Aina Lesses nightmare fled: “I’m shocked,” – Göteborgs-Posten

Fun ” Paradise Hotel ‘profile and blogger Aina Lesses fled became a nightmare.
 - I am upset and so very tired, she says to GP.

Two ambulances and two fire trucks were called out to Aina Lesses new apartment after the fire started.

– There’s been some drama here today, she says.

Blogger Redoubt fled Grondal to Old Rasunda in Stockholm has been anything but smooth. First, the elevator stopped working when Aina would carry the boxes to the sixth floor.

– I had to call an elevator repairman who told me that I had used the lift too much. My God.

Shortly thereafter, it became a power failure.

– This kind of thing always happens me, one becomes afraid that it will happen any more, she says.

And it did. When Aina was almost finished moved in to new address in the Old Rasunda she felt it smelled burnt.

– The refrigerator and place the carpet in the kitchen was on fire. I had to call 112 that sent two ambulances and two fire trucks.

Both the apartment and stairway filled with smoke, says Aina.

– did not feel like I’ve done the best first impression of the neighbors.

According to the blogger should the fire have started due to an electrical fault and quickly been extinguished without anyone was hurt. But Aina says she was upset by the incident and the large throttle.

– I am upset and so very tired, I was totally shocked, but everyone is doing well luckily.

But she admits she’s a little happy too.

– I’m still a little thankful that the fridge was very ugly, and plastic mat as well, now I’ll get new ones.

This summer Aina Lesse not just moved to a new apartment but also bought a country house in the archipelago in Norrtälje who she is and renovating. Since Aina Lesse starred in the reality show “Paradise Hotel” in 2014, she has been a well-known and among other started a popular blog and a podcast. On Monday Aina begins his new job with a cast of young people to TV3′s “Young and spoiled”.


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