Friday, July 22, 2016

First major Pokemon Go event in Sweden a success – Aftonbladet

The game Pokemon Go has taken over the world and so also Gärdet in Stockholm.

The Friday event “Pokemon Go Night Tour” was a success.

– My expectation was that 200 people would come, says organizer Josefin Svensson.

During the Friday evening gathered thousands of pokémon hunters at Gärdet in Stockholm to participate in Sweden’s first Pokemon Go event.

Team members Valor, Mystic and Instinct were all there for the taking over pokémongym and find new fictitious animals to their collection. Many were dressed in their team colors, others like Pikachu.

Behind the event is Josefin Svensson . When she was a week ago invited his friends to a spelkväll Gärdet thanked all no. Instead thanked over 4000 unknown persons yes.

– My expectation was that 200 people would come here and that we would talk. I would shake hands with everyone. But, yes, my expectation is that everyone will have fun tonight and make the best of it, she says.

The event was also telecoms operator 3 and gave fresh batteries to the participants. Even drinks and popcorn were available and the music was DJ Yuniko .

In order to collect all the enthusiastic hunters who wanted to play in the summer evening tweaked Josefin Svensson three lagambassadörer. Sofia Jernberg , Andrea Fors and Hampus Sanden guided their teams to victory. But they are also dedicated players who adapted the days after the hit game.

– My lunchtime walks has not existed before, but now the whole office out and catch Pokemon. I think it is great to see, says Hampus sand.

– I have summer vacation right now so I can catch many Pokemon. If I get up at ten so my battery out at one o’clock, says Sofia Jernberg.

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