Thursday, July 28, 2016

Herngren company behind the new “Bert” – Aftonbladet

Soon returns some beloved characters to the big screen.

Felix Herngren companies FLX aiming for making new films of “Bert”.

– It’s super fun. I love Anders and Sören’s books, says Felix Herngren Nöjesbladet.

New Movies on Anders Jacobson and Soren Olsson character “Bert” is under development at the Felix Herngren production FLX. It can Nöjesbladet reveal.

– Bert-books, I think, is tremendously fun and reflects his early teens brilliantly. Looking very forward to us on the FLX take on this, writes Herngren in an email.

Soren Olsson says that work is going on with both “Sune” and “Bert” in two different production companies. It is hoped that both series will get their own filmtrilogier.

At present, no director attached to “Bert” project, explains Olsson.

– We have to get up really good script first, then you get to see which actors are. There are worked out funny ideas now, says Olsson, who is involved in the screenplay work.

It is still unclear when the current recording.

The upcoming “Sune” films are a similar position. It is hoped that there will be three new films even there, produced by the company Unlimited stories.

– Above all, I believe that through “Sune” films we did have watched this family film is viable in Sweden. Before we made the films asked themselves if it even went to do family films in Sweden right now, says Sören Olsson. READ ALSO PLUS Where Bert’s best friend – disappeared trace

Soren Olsson has also written a book called “Wishful Rings”, but Anders Jacobsson. He notes that it is important that there are stories that everyone can identify with and that there are characters who can be role models. There are plans to base a movie on a solo project, titled “Ibrakadabra”.

– It is based on a book that I wrote that deals Vivalla outside Örebro, where many of foreign origin live. I felt it missing people of other ethnic backgrounds as a children’s heroes, he says.

he hopes that “Ibrakadabra” to be played in 2017.

– There is an urgent story that is added near the heart as it is a private thing. It’s a story for the whole family that will be both exciting and fun, he says.

“Bert – the last virgin” directed by Tomas Alfredson premiered in 1995, and where did Felix Herngren a small role. the latest “Sune” film, entitled “Sune in the mountains”, premiered at Christmas 2014. READ ALSO Felix Herngren do applications for Netflix


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