Saturday, July 30, 2016

TV star in tears – tells of the cancer – Aftonbladet

The cancer eating away at the actor Shannen Doherty.

Now she tells us about her difficult struggle against the disease.

– I do not look beyond today, says she in a tearful interview with Entertainment Tonight.

in August last year revealed Shannen Doherty, 45, she suffered from breast cancer .

last week she showed on her Instagram how she shaved off her hair, as part of the chemotherapy she was undergoing.

Now she talks about their struggle in an emotional interview with ET, which airs on Monday.

– It’s tough, says Shannen Doherty in conversation with ET’s Jennifer Peros , and can not hold back her tears.

– I have begun to think that maybe I will not live … I do not look beyond today.

in the interview, she reveals that she first suffered a severe setback in the treatment.

– I do not know if I will ever look like me again. But I like to think I will be okay if I struggle.

Shannen Doherty skådesplelarkollega Jason Priestley , from the TV series “Beverly Hills” where the two hit it, tells ET how impressed he is over Doherty’s battle.

– There she did the other day, to shave off their hair, and post the pictures on Instagram – it was incredibly brave, says Priestley.

– Shannen is strong and fights and I’m sure she’ll be okay again.

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