Sunday, July 31, 2016

Parneviks new notice of TV3 future – Expressen

Mia Parnevik make a U-turn – and opens up for a third season of “Parneviks”.

Although the recordings put too much pressure on the family confirms TV3 that they negotiate if additional sections.

– We are actually talking about it still, says Mia Parnevik in SVT’s “Summer Evening with Rickard Olsson”

It was Mia Parnevik himself who gave the news that the second season of TV3′s hit series” Parneviks “would be the last ever.

But now backing her.

SVT’s “Summer Evening with Rickard Olsson” told TV personality that negotiations are underway with the channel.

– We are actually talking about it still, she says.

Mia Parnevik said earlier that it is the family’s hectic schedule that causes it. In the program she says:

– We have two daughters who go to college, and two children in high school, a man playing full time on the tour and I’m doing my program “The greatest day”. There is a lot to get up there.

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Susanne Nylen, Head of MTG, confirm that they are in negotiations with the family Parnevik for another season.

– we have, as we said previously held the door open for a third season and the dialogue continues with the family. We are extremely proud “Parneviks” and Mia now stands on its own with “The greatest day.”

She also says that the channel has more plans for the family.

– The there are more plans for family members of Parneviks, says Susanne Nylen.

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When Mia Parnevik after the second season’s last episode came with the news that “Parneviks” would lay down, she said that the decision was final.

– it’s boring, it is always sad when something ends. But there has been so much fun and you’ll surely stop when you’ve done something good

– You should never say never, I always say. But this time we actually decided, she said then.

The reason for the defection was that the recordings put too much stress and pressure on the family.

– We can not get it together on I’ll be completely honest. All children are scattered everywhere, Jesper play golf and it is difficult to bring together everyone’s schedule. So no, unfortunately that is. There has been so much that we feel we have made it great fun, and it’s been great fun, but no, unfortunately.

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