Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kikkis experiences, her comeback – Express

sjuårsdagen I own tape recorder and the first cassette I saved up for was Kikki Danielsson “Why is love red?”.

Therefore, expectations are high when my childhood idol for the second time, summer talk.

I so want to like her 90 own minutes in the air and think that I should not hook me up on that she says things like “everyone has value,” “it is never okay to bully others,” and “never judge someone without knowing the full context”.

one could dismiss a lot of the clichés but it is not as easy to do it in that Kikki Danielsson candidly talks about what it cost her to live in the public eye, the emptiness when the pets who for many years acted as her family died with only five days apart, how she a year younger than classmates and thereto as a foster child was teased and sometimes beaten in school and misfortune on the love front.

it feels like Kikki mean what she says and she says it is so simple and non- refined as possible.

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the anecdotes about rynkkrämerna and the driving school does not feel quite as urgent and we can not hear something about Kikki Danielsson’s previous drink driving and care for dependent disease. “I will definitely not let my background define me. I’ve moved on and I wish that everyone else will do,” she explains and talks instead about how Scientologists in the 1970s tried to ensnare her.

in addition, outlines her to divorce her life’s greatest failure and that she almost wiped itself in attempts to prevent it.

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Summer chatter would gain tajtas, but Kikkis experiences and lessons learned can serve as consolation and inspiration to many. “I am no longer that door mat that you just step on and take for granted. // I’ve finally found what is right, namely the right to my own life, the right to be me,” manifesting she says at last to receive all the love from the fans.


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