Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thobbe Englund leaves Sabaton – Aftonbladet

Sabaton lose their guitarist.

Thobbe Englund has now decided to leave the band.
– We had a really fun and there’s a bond between us which can not be broken, he writes on the band’s website.

Thorbjorn “Thobbe” Englund, guitarist of Sabaton, has decided to leave the band, announces Sabaton on his website. The reason is that he wants to take it easier and not spend so much time touring. Thobbe has played in the band since 2012.
– I believe in always following your heart. In recent years I have become increasingly aware of what would make me feel real joy, and it is to expand my own creativity combined with a more tranquil life where I did not tour in the speed of light all year round, he writes on the website.

Thobbe Englund also announced that he will miss the fans, but that he will continue with the music. He concludes by saying how close everyone in the band come together.
– We have become like brothers. Along with the best crew in the world, we have had really fun and there’s a bond between us that can not be broken, he writes on the website.

The remaining members wish him good luck on the road.

– we wish him all the luck in the future and we thank him for all the good years and the wonderful moments we shared both on and off the stage, the band writes on the website. READ ALSO The Swedes played for Putin’s biker gang


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