Thursday, July 28, 2016

Much needed financial Sarajevo – Swedish Dagbladet

Julia Ragnarsson and Irena Mulamuhic. Photo: Ita Zbroniec Zajt

Goran Kapetanovic
Milan Dragišić, Julia Ragnarsson et al
59 minutes

From 7 years

Different fates from the Yugoslav wars has been filmed over the years, far from everyone as vital as in Goran Kapetanovics version, which tells us what is needed, no more, less.

More than 20 years have passed since Zlatan left the ailing Bosnia for Sweden. The only link with the motherland is an old aunt, to whom he sends a monthly monetary contribution. In his new homeland he has had time to marry and divorce and to get her daughter Anja, soon 18. Life trudge on.

So, Anja and interferes by wanting to get to know the roots that Zlatan been perfectly content to leave where he. It wears off, to Sarajevo, the aunt Safija against Zlatan’s unsettled past. The trip can accommodate old and new friends, some surprises, a tear and a financial, välbehövligare for Zlatan than he thought. And maybe even a fresh start?

Both director Kapetanovic, Milan Dragišić, memorable as the father in “Eat Sleep Die,” and this in a custom role, has first hand experience in the luggage. They have fine by various Bosnian acting talent and a well chosen Julia Ragnarsson as the driving strong daughter. Polish photographer Ita Zbroniec Zajt ( “Yarden”) frame it all in exquisite dingy poetry. Producer / co-writer China Åhlander, whose résumé holds unique record of Gammalsvenskby in Ukraine and a Guldbagge for “Eat Sleep Die”, one of the more interesting movie forces in Europe today. She has not yet released from the film without life.

Förfilmen “Refugee 532″, signed by the same creators, takes place during the height of the conflict around 1994 when Sevko, 12, arrives at a Swedish refugee accommodation. Also here is the presence, humanity and hope.

Get (if any?) Films on the theme have been produced in Sweden, hit just over 100 000 ex-Yugoslavs sought out. We prefer more of Kapetanovic / Åhlander in Swedish contemporary film, together or separately, whatever the subject may be next.


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