Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Lobster on crustaceans, love and lies – Sveriges Radio

Hummer, it’s a seafood with at least two advantages, it lives a long time and are fertile time. Lobster is not as cute as Shetland and not as charming as a dog. With it is a logical error many people make it there. To choose the animal they’ll turn into an emotional one. It does not hold. You have to think rationally. Although not precisely rationalitetet is the first word that comes to mind when the premises for Lanthimos love story is clear. A number of single people choose to travel to a very gloomy, very well organized spa to become ones. If they get it within 45 days and get love back, they move to a double and then maybe out into the world again. If they do not get it they turn into an animal by the staff. They can gain time by pushing other single living a kind gerillaliv in the forest. One shot, one extra day.

I’m sorry but so wacky are prerequisites for The Lobster. And the point of it is that every adult who had or not had a relationship must interpret itself the debt, horror and necessary conditions this plant plays with.

These are my reflections:

the film’s underlying theme is that every marriage is based on a number of key lies about who you really are. If they were not, it would never go to spend a life with another person. Here, among other things, illustrated by false and genuine näsblödande.

The Lobster is cinematically much more interested in the spa’s cruel, elevated, indifferent relationsindutri than the scenes with the lonely in the forest. So they are not as interesting.

Colin Farrell makes of his life. With an old-tried recipe: He has eaten in itself a soft twenty kilos suit of fat, it makes him slower, shyer and puts him on an interesting point. closer to the middle of the spectrum between regular cash and ordinary uncle. Far from the horrifically boring, broken macho point where he usually run riot.

The Lobsters appearance? There is drought in gray, well-furnished Roy Andersson-rooms, where are the hunted panic in The Shin Landings Overlook hotel corridors, so it is not a pleasant place to be.

The End. There is an issue to a head. Applies basic premise? Every marriage, even those deeply loving, based on at least a grandiose lie facing the other, a large amount of fake games, or is it not so?

The film ends before the protagonist has time to prove or refute. And I find that I really want to really know. It depends on if he did? That terrible and disgusting. Or did he become and faked?


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