Sunday, July 24, 2016

Beyoncé’s voice is greatest – Sydsvenskan


Concert. Beyoncé, The Formation world tour, Parken, Copenhagen, 24/7.

Photo of Beyoncé’s concert in Amsterdam just over a week ago . Photo: Daniela Vesco

Beyoncé concerts always mix in the family. All of that absolutely does not appear as a child prodigy, but as an ordinary woman who worked his way up to the top. Dad Mathew has eulogies, mother Tina has been praised. Since the divorce became official, and the father was fired as manager has a different theme taken up more space than the parents: recaps the child star Beyoncé. Movie clips and tributes to the trilled child has given room for the Beyoncé already won everything the child strove and now has the opportunity to do what she wants. From that location based her artistry recent years, clearly formulated in the text to “bow down”.


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