Friday, July 22, 2016

The program will upset all “- Aftonbladet

A Kalashnikov to the head would force her into marriage.

But Sara Mohammad fled and became a strong voice against honor oppression.

Her summer program will excite everyone – no matter what one thinks about shared bathing times and the ban on the headscarf.

Get summer jockey crying in their programs. Sara Mohammad does. Perhaps no tears, but her voice crying again and again when she talks about her memories. The first time it is about how she as a little fooled by his mother and is forced to see their playmate mutilated with a razor blade. Before she self-mutilated and go from there, but to show his pain to anyone. The second time when her brother holding a Kalashnikov at her head to force her to say yes to marry a man she has never met. A third time, when she knows that it is the last time she sees her mother, the mother refuses to meet her eyes that day when Sara flees.

The flight eventually took her to Sweden, where she is today is a strident debater in the fight against honor violence and oppression. How could she not be? To say that her story is strong is an understatement. It makes me sick with anxiety.

Sara Mohammad is strongly opposed to bathing times divided between girls and boys and sees hijab rather as a förtryckarsymbol than an expression of religious freedom. In the program, she takes the opportunity to press the left politicians and Swedish feminists, whose views she means fueling repression in of acceptance name, rather than dissolving it.

In some circles was this program is controversial in advance, which meant the choice of her summer jockey was too political. But that’s nothing compared to what it will be when it has been sent. Regardless of where one stands on the issues get listeners to be prepared to be upset.


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