Sunday, July 24, 2016

Quarter of a million visited Putte i Parken – Västerbotten Courier

This year’s free festival Putte i Parken is now closed, and a total of about 250 000 visitors attracted to the four cities where the festival organized.

“It is absolutely incredible and way beyond our expectations,” said festival director Niclas Lagerstam in a press release.

Putte i Parken premiered in Örebro in June and has been held in Karlstad and Leksand before it ended in Stockholm during weekend. The festival drew the largest audience in Stockholm with around 130 000 visitors. Bob Hund, Petter, Dolores Haze and Anders Wendin are some of the artists who participated.

The festival, however, has been overshadowed by several complaints of sexual harassment.

“This is totally unacceptable and work against sexual abuse will continue, “said Lagerstam.


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