Monday, July 11, 2016

Progressive Star Leif Nylen is dead – Aftonbladet

Leif Nylen, drummer and songwriter in the prog rock band “Blue Train” has died.

After a brief illness, he died, 77 years old, writes DN.
– I think he was a genius when it came to write both songs and poems, says his friend and colleague Carl Johan De Geer.

Progressive musician, artist and author Leif Nylen is dead, according to DN.

Nylén included known as the drummer and songwriter in the prog rock band “Blue train”. For the band’s most popular songs include “On the one hand knows what the other is doing”, “new hands” and “On the way to the copper mine”.

His colleague and friend Carl Johan De Geer 77, describes him as a multicultural genius.
– He wrote fantastic songs that I think should become classics in Evert Taube imitation. He was a remarkable person who did so much good stuff. A great cultural personality and a very special person that I will never accept is dead, says Carl Johan De Geer.

wrote poetry

During his career devoted himself Nylén also to writing poetry. He also wrote the novel “The Brothers Casey” in synomymen Peter Husberg, together with P. O. Enquist and Torsten Ekbom.
– I think he was a genius when it came to both write songs and poems. After finishing the DN as an art critic, he wrote haiku poems about the course of nature and the seasons. They were hugely beautiful. He must have written hundreds. Then he continued to write books on art that was very thoughtful, good. I have a huge respect for him and think it is fantastic sad that he is gone.

“set in stone”

De Geer says that he has taken many photos of Leif Nylen by years.
– They are always very special because he has such svårtydbar mimicry. He withholds what he thinks, I think. So, he has such a face that one would like to see set in stone on a large rock on the West Coast. He had a cottage there, says De Geer.

He goes on to state that the gigs for the band “Blue Train” is over.
– Now Blue Train never play more. Three of the seven original members are dead. Then it is inconceivable, he says.

Nylén died Sunday after a brief illness. He was 77 years old, writes DN.


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