Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Beyoncé has landed in Sweden – Expressen

On Tuesday evening play Beyoncé in Stockholm, and now she has landed on Swedish soil.

The entertainer went private plane and went straight from the airport to the Friends Arena.

Now the superstar Beyoncé, 34, landed in Sweden.

the artist landed at Arlanda airport at 18:10. The plane was put into a hanger where four luxurious silver-colored buses waited for the star. The cars disappeared from Arlanda area through a back door and was seen 30 minutes later at the Friends Arena.

According to information should cars have been driven from Germany to run Beyoncé from the airport to the Friends Arena.

Beyoncé expected to just stay in Sweden for a few hours, and fly back immediately after the sold-out stadium concert to continue “the Formation tour” in Europe.

Last superstar played in Sweden in 2013, and when she performed at the Globe . Even then stayed Beyoncé only in the country for seven hours. With the trip to Sweden was when her husband and rapper Jay-Z.

The couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z made headlines when Beyoncé’s latest album “Lemonade” was released, then several lines of text to the songs suggest that Jay-Z has been unfaithful to his superstar wife. Despite the problems between the couple, they have continued to stay together, and said to be happier than ever. Jay-Z has accompanied his wife on a large part of her “The Formation tour”.

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Beyoncé’s tour “the Formation tour” has been hailed around the world, and is the tour that brought in the second most money in the world this year . The extensive show drew over 1.1, billion just in its first 25 concerts in the US and Europe. Altogether play Beyonce 49 concerts during the tour.

When it was released tickets to “The Formation tour” at Friends Arena in Stockholm sold tickets out in under an hour.

Fans became outraged the ticket release happened, and Ticketmaster forced to apologize after widespread complaints from upset Beyoncéfans.

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