Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Legend of Tarzan – Skarsgård throws shirt – Sveriges Radio

There will be no new classic roars in the new The Legend of Tarzan, and no cute chimpanzee Johnny Weismuller had beside him. When Alexander Skarsgard play Tarzan in the lavish new version so it’s more about the war against the evil colonialists, taking slaves and natural resources in Congo. John Clayton III, Tarzan units English lord, we meet when he is in talks with the Prime Minister, and he has just received an invitation to go to the colony in central Africa. He hesitates, but persuaded, and the nefarious Belgian Rooms played by Christoph Walt, a parade role for him, has gillrat an ambush. But Tarzan fritas and leads the rebellion against colonialists with the help of his friends, both among animals and the indigenous and sidekick, played by Samuel L. Jackson and footing the film’s jokes.

Now this is not so lot 2016, you might say. It’s the usual story with a strong white man in the lead role, which klöarar steak, and a beautiful woman in a summer dress next. A simple story. But as matinee adventure, it works well, for a little tentative start. My ratings for The Legend of Tarzan will be a third, a not so strong third. But Alexander Skarsgard doing a good job like Tarzan.


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