Monday, July 25, 2016

Johan Holmsäter puts health in focus – Expressen

Perhaps an hour and a half hälsopredikning still some effect. I got the urge to start gymnastics.

But of course, the producer should be ensured that Friskis & amp; Svettis founder’s program was more varied.

I was curious about one thing with Johan Holmsäter. His ten years of growing up in institutions and orphanages. An unusual experience that I suspected would have much to tell us.

After an hour of what he suspected “a little pretentious” enumeration of all the achievements in the health and fitness industry, he came in to the terrible feeling of abandonment during the year-long stays in orphanages.

But it was no more than the few sentences about this already in the press release. A direct misconduct by those who were responsible for the program.

Instead, we got close to half an hour to the preaching of the salvation of a membership card of Friskis & amp; Svettis apparently means. I never liked the place with the silly name. But after an hour and a half brainwashing, I began to long for interval training.

It would obviously make me not only not to be sick, but also feel good.

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Johan Holmsäter could put the health trend in a time perspective in an interesting way, and argued in the end good for an active life. But he had, for example, founded McDonald, and siphoning off advertising their product in public service as remotely loose and long-winded, the program had been felled.

When Bert Karlsson and Edward Blom programs reviewed and changed the level of detail seems strange that this limp through. The monotonous sermon considered Holmsäter yourself so important to the music all the time faded away.

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SUMMER IN P1, tomorrow, at 13: Isabella Lundgren


There are many numbers, facts and details that will line up for a not too exciting topic. But the old Stockholm’s wife is nice.


How does it feel to be left away as a child? To be kicked out of their life’s work? He must have unique feelings that he seems to devote the program to hide.


A that do not forget to list a cultural prize he received from the Daily News 1981 is so busy with his accomplishments to the humor and self-irony is not there.


no fault on the songs themselves, but the whole is as exciting as the soundtrack to an aerobics session. The music adds no thoughts or feelings to what is being said.


Can a larger perspective on the end, that one must plan and take responsibility for their health in the same way as they do with their finances and other aspects of life.

song list

“Jump in the line” (Harry Belafonte) “Born to be wild” (Steppenwolf), “Hold on tight” (Electric Light Orchestra), “Conga” (Gloria Estefan), “Beyond the Sea” (Rod Stewart), “Breakfast in America” ​​(Supertramp), “Twist and Shout “(Chaka Demus & amp; Pliers),” My baby just cares for me “(Nina Simone),” If I could “(Sophie Zelmani),” for Once in My Life “(Stevie Wonder),” Waiting for love “(Avicii),” Hurricane “(Bob Dylan),” Nothing compares 2 U “(Jimmy Scott).


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