Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Swedish Radio’s apology to Edward Bloom – Expressen

Just hours before the broadcast wanted Swedish radio edit Edward Blom sommarprat – TV personality meant that he was censored by SR.

Now Bibi Rödöö responsibility for this was discovered so late.

– There will I take upon myself, that I had not listened to it until now one day before, says program manager for “Summer in P1″.

in the morning broadcast Edward Blom sommarprat in “Summer in P1″.

But just hours before the broadcast was reached television personality and cultural historian of the news that Swedish Radio wanted to cut away some parts of his program.

– They called and wanted to cut off some parts of my sommarprat. I was very shocked, he says, and continues:

– Just hours before somebody got cold feet.

Bibi Rödöö, program “Summer in P1″, says she Wednesday listened through Edward Blom sommarprat, and then discovered that he spoke glorification of alcohol.

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Bloom says the Swedish Radio first wanted to cut away the sequences completely, but they later agreed to put a brass taps.

– a small aspect that alcohol can cause bad things too, says Edward Bloom.

– this small extension as he did now, he had in any original script that had fallen off the road. And that, he basically just back now and then we were happy and both were satisfied, says Bibi Rödöö.

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Rödöö assumes responsibility for this was discovered late.

– I should have read and listened to before, it’s just there are 58 programs on line and around all productions. There will I take upon myself, that I had not listened to until now, one day before. We are busy with the recordings and programs today. So we would have done before. For Edward, I think it was a bit overwhelming to find out one day before.

Edward Bloom wrote on Twitter that he was censored by Swedish Radio. But Bibi Rödöö points out that such was never the case.

– We are not in the censorship here, but we have a responsibility. When talking unchallenged on the radio, you can not advertise, you can not slander anyone and you get to be a little careful in how to glorify drugs. We have a huge audience with many young people who are listening and we have a responsibility there, she says.

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