Wednesday, July 20, 2016

TV giant buys into the company behind “Earth Shots’ – Aftonbladet

The creators of the hit series “Earth Shots’ initiates collaboration with Sony.

Now they hope that future series will reach out to the world.

– the doors open, says Johan Rudolphie at the Palladium.

the TV series “Earth Scotland,” which was shown on Swedish television last year, also attracted attention abroad.

Now TV giant Sony Pictures television, SPT, their eyes on the Swedish production company behind the success, and therefore purchase into the company.

“They have a distinctive voice that is” edgy “, thought-provoking and entertaining,” said SPT responsible for international production, Andrea Wong , in a press release.

“Swedish drama is at a premium”

the deal is a welcome addition for the Solna-based production company Palladium, consisting of Johan Rudolphie, Filip Hammar Power and Henrik Bjorn , which holds that the world dying to Swedish-produced works. READ ALSO PLUS 20 TV series must see 2016

– Swedish drama are highly valued in the world and this means that we will have much greater freedom, says Johan Rudolphie, executive producer at the Palladium.

Exactly what the combining will mean in terms of future comics he can not comment on, but the hope is to spread the future work on a bigger stage than just the Swedish.

– Sony’ve got friends around the world that we can now get in touch with. The doors open, says Rudolphie.

Multiple projects at once

Palladium is currently in the midst of the work on the second season of “Earth Shots” for SVT, but also has some other projects in the pipeline.

Among other things, a collaboration with French producer Jimmy Desmarais , which is behind the TV series the Returned and cargo Panthers.

What agreement with Sony means purely economic Palladium Johan Rudolphie can not go into.

– But of course, we get stability in the company. A little peace and quiet, he admits.


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