Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tarras-Wahlberg sticks in the most common “Summer” trap – Aftonbladet

No one knows more about the royal family than Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg.

But from there, we get no news.

Instead, we get a personal accounting which can make you fall asleep in the hammock.

First: the thought that Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg would reveal something about the royal family is a nut.

Of course she did not betray his former employer. She teaches rather go down in history as the nation’s most reliable information manager.

So what offers she? A personal story from childhood to the present day.

Here fast Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg in the program format common trap. She talks a little about everything.

A bit about the job as adviser to Qatar’s former emir Sheikh Hamad. Little about the friendship of Crown Princess Victoria. Little about the cooperation with the royal couple.

Just a little bit about her children, her former husband, her new husband, her time in the US, their jobs, their love of nature. You see, it takes the even opposed to reading about it.

There is one irony in this: that a person who spent 32 years working with and against media bias yourself forgetting to angle.

to tilt the means – which many have misunderstood – not to lie. Tilting means to opt out core. Thus, it is important for the reader, viewer and listener.

And Tarras-Wahlberg has a story. She touchar it a few times, but do not immerse themselves and do not capture threads.

It’s really a fairy tale. It is about the girl who bullied, threatened with a beating and is terrified every day on the way home from school.

The girl who has no friends, except pretend pals as she wipes the juice to the table and have coffee with. The girl goes to a school dance without being asked to dance and who will never walk again.

It is about the girl who takes refuge in homework and books, and becomes a woman who succeeds in everything she takes on the . And that eventually break away from the talented girl shackles and live life to the full.

Here should the producer have intervened and helped to refine the program.

Instead, teach one other listeners have fallen asleep in the hammock at home.


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