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Edward Bloom collapsed in panic – Aftonbladet

The fear of being alone broke him.

Edward Blom filled their days so much that he went into the wall and suffered a severe panic attack.

– to this day, I have recurring symptoms, he says in “Summer” in P1.

he is known as a happy gourmand.

But in “Summer” in the P1 says Edward Bloom , 45, for the first time about his panic attack that still haunt him.

During his university he filled constantly schedule with studies and parties where alcohol flowed. Everything to numb painful feelings of loneliness.

– Alcohol served me extremely lyckotjack. I was euphoric, blissful, flying, says Edward Bloom in “Summer” in P1. READ ALSO “Radio Sweden wanted to censor my sommarprat”

fell down on the job

At its first stable job as an archivist, he combined then partying with the 60-hour work weeks. During a day at work he collapsed.

– I got no air, his neck was completely igensvälld. I tore up the tie, it spins and turns black. I think “that was it, now I die” and the collapse of my office chair.

He was taken to the ER, but was sent home with two cough medicines. After one day of anguish, he went himself to the emergency room but was sent home without help.

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” felt like God was dead “

as the third attempt, he visited the family doctor who immediately diagnosed him with panic disorder.

– at 33 years old, I had hit the wall. My family doctor was surprised that both the ER and the hospital does not understand it, everything was the classic symptoms.

– Several times a day the anxiety attacks, terrifying darkness that hover around all alone in outer space with a sense of that all creation came to an end and that God was dead. The horror when everything began to spin, the air runs out, death grinning in the face.

Met his wife on the banquet

After a month of sick leave with their parents on Ekerö he left involvement in boards and associations, and went in therapy to learn to deal with anxiety.

After the crash came the turnaround. Edward Blom got jobs in various television programs. At year-banquet chef in 2010, he met Gunilla Kinn . They clicked immediately, but were separated by Gunilla’s job as a foreign correspondent in the United States. When she came home later in the year came wooing immediately.

– With Gunilla everything felt completely right from the beginning, I proposed after less than two weeks and then I had still gone, and held up a little for several days I could not free so early. She said yes, after thinking for five minutes, he says in “Summer” in P1.

They exchanged rings in New York and married in 2011. After three years of struggle were the son Melchoir in May last year .

Lider yet of the anxiety

even though the anxiety Dog Edward Bloom.

– Life would never be the same. For many years I felt various degrees of anxiety every morning when I was going to work. Even today, I have recurring symptoms, dark shadows falling over my life and that I would give anything to get away, he says in “Summer”.

For Nöjesbladet he says that the work program been påfrestende.

– It is demanding that goes into these different states of joy and anxiety. It’s all sweaty afterwards, it feels like you have been through a mangle both to write it and record it, he says.

Footnote: Summer in P1 are listening to here.


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