Friday, July 15, 2016

Record number of acclaimed Victoria – Aftonbladet

Royal. the rain struck the island of Öland, but was not enough to scare away the crowd when the crown princess’s birthday celebration peaked in Borgholm.

Little Prince Oscar did, however, stay home from tonight’s party.

the weather forecasts proved to be true, unfortunately. The beautiful summer weather that dominated the afternoon’s tributes at Solliden Palace turned to drizzle and the audience at Borgholm IP transformed into a sea of ​​colorful umbrellas and ponchos.

The Royal Family, who arrived at the celebration concert in cab , were well represented with all siblings and consorts in place. Princess Estelle sat next to his mother with big, pink earmuffs on his head. In contrast, little brother Oscar, who participated in his first Victoriadag, stay at home during the evening. It was also chores with Oscar who made the royal family was a few minutes late to the celebrations at Solliden.

– You know how it is with families with small children, joked king earlier in the day.

According to information from the court attended by 4500 people at Solliden. It was in that case, a new record.

Royal handshake

the program in the stadium led by SVT profile Moraeus.

– I like Mark, just with a little more hair, said Moraeus as a greeting to last year’s host Mark Levengood.

yesterday it was still uncertain about Charlotte Perelli could Act. Schlager queen had lost her voice after being infected by their children, but luckily she had recovered and now she began the evening with a Stevie Wonder medley which of course ended with “Happy Birthday”. Estelle seemed particularly fond of the last song and clapped enthusiastically with his hands.

Good pressure became even when the Eurovision Song Contest winner Frans squeezed in by a cover of Timbuktu “Everyone wants to heaven” . The young artist had some difficulty keeping up with the syllables, but still got the whole royal family to swing with (besides Chris O’Neill, Princess Madeleine’s husband, who throughout the evening looked as if he had been a little difficult to stay awake).

Frans was also front and congratulated the crown princess and took the same time to teach the king an advanced handshaking.

Lundqvist honored

During the evening, the crown Princess also the Victoria scholarship, which this year went to hockey goalie Henrik Lundqvist. New York Rangers and the Tre Kronor puckstoppare made his first visit to Öland and seemed to be very nice with Prince Daniel.

– It is a great honor to receive this award. Just look at the list of who received it before we see that it is a very nice crowd, said Lundqvist.

Moraeus ended the evening with a look forward to next year’s celebration. Then fill the crown princess even 40 years.

– It’ll be a real baluns, so then we have every reason to return here to Oland, said Moraeus.


The celebration July 14, 2016

Victoria Day in Öland organized for the 28th consecutive year. Victoria fills 39 years.

This year’s winner is hockey goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

The evening’s tribute concert for crown princess broadcast on SVT starting at 21. Among the performers are Lisa Miskovsky, Charlotte Perrelli, Molly Pettersson Hammar and färske Eurovision winner Frans. Moraeus’s emcee.

The event usually guarded by a number of journalists and photographers. Foreign media comes from Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Denmark.

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