Tuesday, July 19, 2016

“Sing-along at Skansen” was committed – the brilliant Orup – Expressen

This evening, “Sing-along at Skansen” be committed.

The main attraction, it was Orup brilliant popshow.

He came with his huge catalog of catchy pop songs. He had with him the springy band he played with for a few years and together they invited a well-trimmed and playful show.

The best was Orup joy and his contact with the audience.

Full Skansen seemed Orup fans. All stayed, everyone sang along.

– Should we show the world what singing is ?, said Orup after he raised the temperature for 20 minutes. He started on the beautiful strains of “Rain with me” and immediately sued the audience up. There was no singing booklets. The entire audience could complete text and Orup just stood there and enjoyed.

The camera swept across Skansen, captured the happy faces and the atmosphere felt through the television screen. Superbly.

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The first guest was a surprise. Sanna Nielsen had crawled out of the program leaders dress up in a Romper in denim blue and became a tough duet partner in “My mother told me.”

Other guest artist was expected: Anders Glenmark, which has already been on the scene, made a fun buddy duet of “Up over my ears.”

the third secret guest artist, I had already suspected, as both Jenny Östergren and Agneta Sjödin loomed on the parquet Niklas Strömstedt.

22 years after joint hit song, so were all three on the same stage and sang “When we dig gold in the United States.” Three right fit men, one has to say, and they had contagious fun together.

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“Sing-along at Skansen” was dressing. Sonja Aldén and Anders Glenmark was approved, while Josefin Johansson showed that it is impossible to do stand-up comedy the audience ocean at Skansen. The best was the conclusion of several of the artists in a Ted Gärdestad medley.

The conclusion, it raked just popkungen Orup, who took over the Skansen total. Talk about singing.


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