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All sing with True – Swedish Dagbladet

Junior reporters Elsa and Astrid went with Sanna behind the scenes at Sing-along at Skansen. Photo: Anders Ahlgren

SvD Junior – magazine for children and young people

This article is from SvD Junior, Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet newspaper for children and young people.

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the music has taken Sanna Nielsen far, and she has been in the spotlight ever since she was eleven. 20 years ago, she stood at Skansen’s Solliden stage for the first time. Then she sang including “Teddy Bear Fredriksson ‘with TV host Lasse Berghagen.

Now, Sanna on the same stage, but this time in the role of host. Astrid, 10, and Elsa, 9 years, Sanna interview about her new role.

Astrid: You’re a new host of “Sing-along at Skansen”. Was it obvious to you to accept the job?

– It was pretty obvious, but I had to think for a week. When I talked with my partner, my family and thought to myself. Then I said yes.

Astrid: Were you nervous before the premiere?

– I was definitely nervous! It’s live, and you never know what can happen. At the dress rehearsal, I was really, really nervous. But once the program began to let the nervousness.

Junior reporters Elsa and Astrid takes a selfie with Sanna. Photo: Anders Ahlgren

Elsa: How do you prepare for the program?

– On Mondays repaired, we all artists and the belt. Since I’m sitting at home on my balcony and repaired text all week. I told myself that I want to be the lyrics by heart. I also want my guests, so I read about them so that I can ask interesting questions.

Elsa: What are the most difficult to live TV?

– It is both an audience here on the spot and one at home. It makes it a bit special, you have to constantly think about it. Before the broadcast, I want to be alone in peace and quiet.

Astrid: You started singing very early, did you know then that you wanted to be a singer?

– Yes, I’ve dreamed about it since I was seven years old. My biggest dream was to win the Eurovision Song Contest, and it feels great that I’ve done it now. I was with seven times, so it almost feels like a fairy tale.

Elsa: How did you think it was going to school?

– I became famous when I was only eleven, and it made it a little difficult at school. I was bullied and ostracized, but always had the music to turn to. It meant that I felt better, and was a great comfort. When I got older, it became a little easier at school.

True if …

… what makes her angry:” I am rarely angry and sad. But injustice makes me upset. And when you’re mean to each other, I do not think about. “
. .. holiday: ” The best thing I know is to sit on my balcony and read a good book. In summer it becomes not so much vacation, this mission takes so much time. But when it is over, I may go away on vacation a week. “
. .. to participate in the contest again: ” I do not think so, but you should never say never. I really do not know how it will be. But it felt so good when I won the ‘undo’ after struggling for so long. “

Funny we remember from Sing-along at Skansen

• Carola throws boot (2003)
Carola sjäng song “Walk a mile in my shoes.” To the audience would get to know just how it feels to walk in her shoes, she simply off one boot, signed it and threw it to the cheering crowd.
• Carola throws flower (2005)
Two years later, it was time again, but this time it was a flower that sailed away to the audience. The artist was so psyched for his song “Through everything” that she tore up a flower that landed on a girl in the audience. “I was just wild and crazy,” she told herself afterwards.
• Men shave off the beard of television (2012)
During the sing-along-summer 2012 had the audience has become accustomed to see TV host Mans Zelmerlöv the beard. In the season finale, he ran backstage and came out to say goodbye to his audience – without the beard! “It was sad to shave it,” he said afterwards.

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