Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bert Karlsson makes great revelations – Göteborgs-Posten

The entrepreneur and former politician Bert Karlsson built his multimillion-dollar empire with the help of 5000 crowns which he got from his father.

Fun Bert Karlsson revealed several of their best tricks in his sommarprat. You got to hear both Bildt and Freddie Wadling sing.

He easily gets the headlines, Bert Karlsson. Even before its summer he rolled around in the media and accused the Swedish Radio censorship then the editor of the program had comments on the wording of lazy Swedes, Roma, racism and named individuals.

Hmm. Bert was not hindered by either calling the Norwegians the world’s laziest people (without explaining why or how) or accuse former Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson of betrayal.

But the West Swede who started his first business at age 15 by employing 3:12 aged to saw wood booms nor to reveal all the tricks that made him so successful in business: how he attracted record stores to boost sales by giving them the VCR, coffee maker and trips to heat raffle.

How he got Carl Bildt to sing in Skara when the Conservatives needed help of Karlsson’s New Democracy. How he got Expressen that draw tourists to Skara.

I get respect for Karlsson’s ingenuity although I do not always like his methods. His life could become an interesting lecture on Trade.


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