Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Suspect Arrested for Aimee Spencer’s death – Expressen

“Geordie Shore ‘profile and porn model Aimee Spencer fell out of a window July 11.

She died of the injuries, 27 years old. Now a man has been arrested, writes The Guardian.

“I can not believe that my sister has left us,” writes Sister Daria Spencer, on Twitter.

Scandal Reality show profile and porn model Aimee Spencer fell July 11 out of a window in Brighton. She was known as “Carla Mai” and participated in the reality show “Geordie Shore”.

The case she got severe injuries and a week later, on Monday, she died in hospital in the British town of Sussex.

A 28-year-old man who was in the apartment at the event have now been arrested on suspicion of murder, writes the Guardian.

A woman of the same age were detained because of suspicions that she would sell drugs.

– a 27-year-old woman has fallen out of the window of an apartment in Brighton. She tragically died of his injuries at the Royal Sussex County Hospital on Monday, July 18, confirming a police officer in Sussex.

Both the man arrested and the woman detained have been released on bail to 5 September.

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Spencer’s family: “Provides a comfort in this hard time”

police says the reality show star has been in critical condition ever since they found her.

– police continue to investigate the circumstances of why she fell out the window, police continue, according to the Guardian.

twitter writes Spencer’s family about his grief after the death.

“the family thanks you for the sympathy and condolences, and it gives a little comfort in this hard time,” write them, according to the Daily Mail.

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Rebecca Moore of Aimee: “Be a gracious lady”

Condolences are pouring in on social media and many express their sorrow for the star’s death.

the friend and porn model Rebecca Moore also writes about Spencer on Twitter.

“I know no one who did not agree with Aimee, she was a very lovely lady and she was really fun, “she writes.

” Geordie Shore “-profilens sister Daria Spencer also show their grief on Twitter. She writes, “I can not believe that my sister has left us. She fought hard and we will love her forever,” she writes.

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