Monday, July 11, 2016

Alexander Skarsgard for the film premiere: “Overwhelming” – Aftonbladet

In two months, Alexander Skarsgard launched “The Legend of Tarzan” around the world.

But Monday’s premiere in Stockholm was the main display. Then got father Stellan see the movie for the first time.

– He has always been a big fan of Tarzan. He was more excited than I am when I got the role, says Alexander Skarsgård.

On site at Sergel cinema in Stockholm was both father and mother, siblings and friends. Everyone wanted to see when Alexander Skarsgard portrayed jungle man Tarzan.

– It feels special to show the home in Stockholm, where I played Tarzan as a child, says Alexander Skarsgård.

As a child, he saw Tarzan movies at home. Stellan Skarsgard had them on VHS.

– He stuck to them as children. He went and saw Johnny Weissmullers films every two weeks at the matinee in Helsingborg. Not all of it, he had not afford, says Alexander Skarsgård.

What it was like to sit next to his father in the movie theater and see himself playing his childhood hero, he can not describe.

but what did Stellan Skarsgard on his son’s performance in the iconic role?

– this beats Johnny Weissmuller with horse lengths. I am very pleased. It is very good casting and a real movie. It is good that it takes up King Leopold’s reign of terror in the Belgian Congo, says Stellan Skarsgard.

How proud are you?

– I have always been proud . I do not know how proud I can be really. I am proud of them all the time, the whole gang. Because they are so good people, says Stellan Skarsgard.

On galapremiärens red carpet celebrities succeeded each other. And after the movie the evening continued in the summer garden club in Stockholm.

Alexander Skarsgard describes engagement as “overwhelming”.

– To come back to Stockholm and south is quite magical. I was both hugely shocked at how big it was and how many people were at the premiere, he said.

The response did not wait. Shortly after the credits started rolling praised Alexander for his effort.

– Childhood coils, which are very honest, are quick to say if something is crap. They were hugely positive afterwards and very excited and tagged. It feels very genuine as well, says Alexander Skarsgård.

“The Legend of Tarzan” will premiere to the public on Wednesday 13 July.

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