Monday, July 25, 2016

Tågkaoset after Beyoncékonserten last night: “We got a little bit panicked when … – Sydsvenskan

Limit Examiners for the few and passengers tried to push past freezing at Kastrup.

After the game a great concert by the American artist Beyoncé in Copenhagen last night was chaotic. Kastrup forced hundreds of returning Swedes wait for hours on the trains.

– What happened was that there were really many travelers at once, which was difficult to handle for the ID controllers who were on duty, says Henrik Møller Jakobsen of the Copenhagen police.

When the capacity is not enough to check passports, trying a number of travelers to push past the barriers.

– When deciding controllers to call the police to get help to manage the situation.

One of those who found themselves on the platform where Swedish Emma Waller. Congestion was great, as are the press to come on board the 0:25 train to Sweden, she says.

waiting for the train tried several concert goers telephone for a taxi to get to Sweden. Photo: Gustav Street, Sydsvenskan


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