Thursday, July 28, 2016

Renowned artist settled for drug crimes – Aftonbladet

The flight captain refused to take off and summoned rather than the police – after a famous artist and his friend appeared messy.

The famous artist has admitted two cases of minor drug offenses and receive a punishment from the prosecution Office in Helsingborg.

A famous Swedish artist has admitted two cases of minor drug offenses, after using cocaine.

it was earlier this summer the police took the artist at a club in Helsingborg. Just the day after was the man once again when police were called to the Ängelholm airport where the artist and a friend acted so messy that an airline captain refused to take off, and this with reference to flight safety.

The imposition of the penalty, which combs the prosecutor in Helsingborg has chosen to issue, it can be read that the artist committed the act with intent.

the penalty will be 40 daily fines of SEK 50, for a total of SEK 2 000.

the artist will also pay 800 SEK the Crime Victim Fund. If the artist does not accept the imposition of the penalty awaiting a trial.

Nöjesbladet have searched artist.


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