Monday, July 18, 2016

Mikael Karlsson throw from intoxication to the inevitable bottom – Aftonbladet

The hunt for adventure can enhance life.

But just as quickly destroy it.

The composer Mikael Karlsson’s sommarprat is a roller-coaster of impression.

Early in Mikael Karlsson’s summer program, I fear that there will be the usual success story of someone who made a career in the United States.

However, prejudices come to naught.

he barely mention her childhood, rushing through how unhappy he was in law school and the first piano lessons.

Then we end up in Harlem, New York City, the place where Michael was the one he would be and where the day’s program is recorded.

the tone of the program change and the smile in his voice carries all the way across the Atlantic.

the adventurer, high viewfinder and emotional man behind the microphone wake.

listeners can follow with the annual festival north of 110th street. The teeming with life, rhythmic jazz, colorful people, dancing rings, food, wine and spirits, which makes no full – just happy. It’s hard not to be cruelly jealous.

To constantly take risks, challenge themselves and conventions, Mikael Karlsson’s guide in life as well as in his career. He has composed music ranging from opera to experimental computer music and he has done it by taking new paths.

In its summer program he puts the somewhat provocative question: Why do people retain the same taste in music all my life? When developed it’s not.

A move that touches tonårigt security contempt, I think (that are stressed and sad classical music).

But then darkness and insights. The somewhat inevitable rear of trying to achieve constant nirvana. Michael talks about his dependence on drugs, self-deception when one still believes that it is under control and the inevitable loneliness when the bottom is reached. But also about daring to ask for help and receive it.

Mikael Karlsson’s summer program is that his life seems to be: rich in contrasts, reasonably free from nostalgia and with an evocative sound carpet behind it all.

Break up, break up, tell yourself up, move, his invitation.

I think I at least will give classical music a new lease. Maybe.


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