Sunday, July 17, 2016

Doom in Paulsens sommarprat – Expressen

There is a kind of subdued doom in Marit Paulsen sommarprat, which cuts right through the holiday prodigious abundance, almost parallel to the weekend’s hard-hitting news feed.

the message is not delivered as an inflammatory speech, but as soon seeps in, intertwined in Paul’s now familiar life story. Three times in the past, she has the summer been talking, and she has also been featured in “My truth” and “This Is Your Life”.

What’s more, she might tell us? Maybe nothing, maybe it’s just the perspective is different. More distant than in the middle of where she takes us from the “German Kid” to the EU livmedelssäkerhetsmyndighets mother of a “practical and a little cowardly” Auntie.

In the 76 years she has lived. And at least 70 years of which have been a historical parenthesis, she says. The era of mostly peace and progress. Nothing we take for granted. Not now, when environmental destruction and war, appears to be the beginning of “violent migrations”. While almost every European country has an elite criticizing the party, which claims that the world is “too jävliga”, and get 20 percent of the popular vote. We must never forget that Adolf Hitler won through a popular choice.

How in concentrated format, it almost sounds like a doomsday preaching.

But Marit Paulsen rather cautious in its wording.

She sounds a little tired, a little old. So when we reach the end of the road, and Paulsen starts talking about their “last little bit of life” and explain that this will be her last public appearance, it feels almost self-evident that this is her will. This is the talk about what she left behind, what became of all her slit, and there somewhere will fold a quiet shadow over me.


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