Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hard training gave Affleck Batman shape – Swedish Dagbladet

– It was not enough to be on time and say the replicas. I had to work out several hours a day and it was something new for me, he said in a television interview with TT.

Along with the opponent Henry Cavill has Afflck come to London to do PR for ” Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice “. It is a continuation of “Man of Steel” – now meet the two crime-fighters, but Batman is skeptical about the Superman does, not least to the devastation that often follow in his tracks when he saves the world.

also introduced super-villain Lex Luthor and the law enforcement Wonder Woman, and everything is laid out for fights and pyrotechnics. Henry Cavill, who played Superman even in “Man of Steel”, said:

– It’s great to have these mythological heroes who comes to save everything. In the past we have had similar heroes in Greek mythology, and in almost any written history. And they tackle the problems it is written about in a fantastic way.

Ben Affleck, who plays Batman for the first time, continues:

– As the world becomes ever more frightening, we see the examples of it every day, so it’s nice to see that there are heroes out there who can fix things.

Already in April, the duo begin to record the first of several planned “League of Justice “movies, where Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many other super heroes will fight the earthly and intergalactic villains. There are those who argue that the trend of movies about superheroes will end, but it does not worry Ben Affleck.

– If it happens, it happens. West movie came and went, the same applies to many other genres. Genres come and go, there are the themes they talk about made up.

– Now I concentrate on making the “League of Justice”. These films are fun to do, it’s smart script, great actors and a great director. They are fun to do and my children like them. There is not anything special hard job.

Ben Affleck has recently completed the job of directing the film version of Dennis Lehanes book “Live by Night”. He also plays the lead role.

– But it lingers. It will in October 2017.


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