Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Per Gessle: I have made the list since I was 6 years – Sveriges Radio

– I’ve always made lists for any reason. Lists of football and everything, from the age of six, says Per Gessle.

“Gessle nine top” consists of ten programs along with music journalist Sven Lindstrom.

– I got the freedom to do lists on anything. There are nine songs in each program, so it will be about an hour’s talk. There are nine songs that I would have liked to write yourself, the nine best guitar riffs and it is the nine best female singers and so on, he explains.

Experience is not brand new. Per Gessle, together with Sven Lindström sent a radio program in the United States for ten years.

– We have a program called Nordic Rox. It began as a three-hour program where we only played the Scandinavian music. But now it’s a bit of everything, but still with an emphasis on Swedish music, he says.

Sven and I have my own little language, so it is great fun to work with him.

One of the episodes revolve around songs Gessle wish he had written himself.

– It’s often songs that one has that style that I can not really. There are, for example, songs by Burt Bacharach, it is a kind of musicality that I have not. I write my music in a completely different way.

So it is a kind of tribute?

– It is absolutely a celebration. If you get on the list, it’s a tribute.

– There are so many styles of popular music, and I’m good at my thing, but there’s lots of stuff that I can not at all.

What is the next thing for you?

– What happens next is a new Roxette plate that comes in the summer, there will be a single in April, and next week we play a video to it. We continue touring in the summer too, we have 18 gigs in Europe with Roxette. Then I just started a record label called Space Station 12, which publishes its first artists this spring.

series “Gessle nine of the top” are posted as podcasts from 24 March and sent in P4 from Saturday, April 16. 21:03 to 22:00.


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