Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ewa Froling had to leave the “Let’s Dance” – Wassberg left – Dalarna Newspapers

After the jury’s total score of the evening – and last week when no one needed to leave the competition – low Bianca Ingrosso top. On shared last place was Thomas Wassberg and Johan Rabaeus.

But when viewers’ votes had been counted, it was clear that it was Ewa Froling had to leave the race. She does not believe that it was due to her contributions on the dance floor.

– I think it is a question of attitude, or that I’m too old, she said in the program.

Despite the bleeding muscles and laser treatments took Linda Lindorff dance floor with a big smile on his face. Along with dance partner Kristjan Lootus she invited a samba that made the audience cheer.

– It is perhaps not the most beautiful samba you have seen, but it is made with love, she said before his performance.

When asked about how she felt after the number, she replied jokingly:

– Give me the wheelchair!

the week has been marked by several deltagarskador and next week it’s time for dancing pairs to embark on the lift. In Eftersnack program “After dance,” said Tony Irving that he is a bit worried about the challenge.

– We have injuries all over, we have some guys who have difficulty with their own body movement. It is a situation where our choreographer David must approve all the lifting, he said.

Still, he expects to see all the couples perform at least one lift to shoulder height in next week’s program. (TT)


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