Tuesday, March 15, 2016

MIA makes music video for H & M in big campaign for recycling – Resume

Since 2013, customers have had the opportunity to submit their used or discarded clothing in all H & amp; M stores in exchange for a voucher which can be used in the store. In three years, the company has collected over 25,000 tons of clothing.

Now H & amp; M and the artist M.i.a. together to promote H & amp; M’s latest campaign, the World Recycle Week, with a new music video. During one week, the fashion giant collect 1000 tonnes of used clothing from customers all over the world in more than 3600 stores.

As part of the campaign M.i.a. will release a music video for H & amp; M on 11 April. The video should highlight the environmental impact of a variety of textile waste in landfills around the world results in.

Bloggers and characters involved in the video will also put out their own videos where they show up what clothes they should recover, a bit like in a so-called “haul videos”. H & amp; M in the campaign also encourage others to make their own clips and post them with the hashtag #HMrehaul.

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“All textiles are received – odd socks, old towels or favorite dress with holes in. Nothing is too worn, broken or used to be able to get a new life “it says in a press release from H & amp; M.

the campaign will end with an event on april 23 at the Nobel Mountain, Scrape in Stockholm MIA to play.


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