Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Modern revue on Lisebergsteatern – Västerbotten Courier

Culture Telegram Revy duo Annika Andersson and Claes Månsson return to Lisebergsteatern fall. In the sequel to “#Revyn” promises the a completely crazy idea.


Performed in Lisebergsteatern throughout the fall, until 11 december.

Premiere: september 22.

Cast: Annika Andersson, Claes Månsson, Ola Forssmed, Jessica Heribertsson Michael Riesenbeck.

Director: Klas Wiljergård

screenwriter: # revue ensemble and guest screenwriter

Why did they make a sequel? Above all, it was the great freedom with the revue format which attracted.

– You can do so much and so many different characters, there are great opportunities in both music and costume changes. Then there are no limits but you get yourself to feel the limitations of chaos, says Annika Andersson.

In the new set that will be named “#Revyn 2.0″ script written in part by some of the actors, for Annika Andersson is a new challenge.

– it is great fun and a bit new for me to be involved all the way, she says.

Claes Månsson looks revue as the maximum theater form.

– You mix different types of entertainment. You throw in any dance, a little song and a little naked, it is great fun. For me it is the variety and all the funny people who attract, says Claes Månsson.

The precursor was playing the actors themselves and the perception was that they were competing on who was kändast. Someone thread for version two is not clear, but Annika Andersson explains the show as a modern variation on the revue format.

– We do not play politics but focus on general events in the lives of people who are also very current.


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