Thursday, March 24, 2016

Helgesson most praised at the Gold tube – Kristianstadsbladet

The Swedish Youtube elite gathered on Thursday evening at Cirkus in Stockholm to designate the year’s main achievements and personalities at the Gold tube.

The evening’s big winners was Tova Helgesson, who was praised for this year vlogger (video blogger), this year’s rising star and net Youtube Cut to a clip where she for the first time in eight months, cleans his room.

– It’s fat strange, one can not believe a video where one cleans his room could go so far, said Tova Helgesson when she thanked the latter price.

“so very cute”

the third consecutive year ploy world renowned Pewdiepie price for this year’s gamer, while the trio of HBA took home the category this year promise and Dumbass Productions was named the year’s action.

the prestigious award this year youtuber went to Therese Lindgren, who also won in category of this year’s style.

– so god, my followers and viewers are so damn cute, I do not know where I should go, she said in one, to the context matching, recorded acceptance speech.

wooed the century

In the newly established category of this year’s message, the prize went to Sarah Nystrom, for her share of difficult events.

– I do not know really know what to say, I’m really shocked. Thank you, said a visibly taken Nystrom, who received the price of Culture Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP).

The biggest publikjublet got However, television personality Joakim “Jockiboi” Berg when he during his acceptance speech for the award this year hidden cam proposed to his girlfriend Jonna Lundell – and got a “yes” response.

at the gala, which was led Kodjo Akolor and Kristina, ÄúKeyyo “Petrushina, appeared Oscar Zia, Molly Pettersson Hammar, Sabina Ddumba and Molly Sanden.

Tyringe Son Felix Nordh and his cronies in the Montefjanton was without price. Go to Montefjantons you tube channel by clicking here.

Fact: Winner of the Gold tube 2016

This year’s collab: “Try not to laugh challenge” – Keyyo and Clara Henry

This year’s promise: HBA

This year vlogger: Tova Helgesson

This year’s humor channel: Keyyo

This year’s gamer: Pewdiepie

artist of the year: Daniel Norberg

This year’s action: Dumbass Productions

This year’s style: Therese Lindgren

This year’s rising star: Tova Helgesson

This year’s Youtube Cut: Tova Helgesson: “Gets cleaned my room”

This year’s series, “In Dog Rings”

This year youtuber Therese Lindgren

This year’s hidden camera: Jockiboi

This year’s message: Sarah Nystrom


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