Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Johan Lindqvist: Avicii draws on the playing field – not given to tour – Göteborgs-Posten

On 20 January 1969 the Beatles made their last gig on the roof of the record company Apple’s London office. On March 29, 2016 Avicii writes on its website that the upcoming tour will be his last. It does not work anymore, just like it for various reasons did not work for The Beatles.

Most things in life moves in cycles, so even in the music industry. When record sales dropped like a stone and the industry is yet to find a system for making money on the streamed music got live music, a fantastic boost.

At the same time grew EDM scene big and strong and Avicii, along with not at least Swedish DJ colleagues, reformulated as a live experience can be. DJ stars become the new arena performers and here in Gothenburg was and is Summerburst a fantastic party.

Everything has its time and as more and more think that EDM music stagnated, it is natural to Avicii seeking new ways. He has certainly much outrättat in the studio. Spotify, Tidal and future channels will be his future scenes.

It is not just of industry and technology. In his letter to the fans again, Tim “Avicii” Bergeling several times to darkness and adversity. The young star has been ill for periods and apparently found it difficult to find a good way to take care of themselves and their health. Although Avicii is “in good company” through the history of music in terms of an unhealthy lifestyle, it is good that he listens to himself and taking the consequences.

More are sure to follow Aviciis example. Audience want to have extraordinary experiences but it is not given that the major artists on tour the same extent as in the past ten to fifteen years. Only in Sweden chooses Kent to end later this year and Håkan Hellström need not leave Gothenburg to draw fans in the tens of thousands.

Even if you can make money big money on touring costs are also dragging around giant productions, and there is obviously a price to pay in terms of time and health. More artists will tour less and less. It is becoming more common to stay in one place and allows fans to stand for travel. It would not be surprising if, for example, Justin Bieber and Rihanna future priority is to perform at a small, exclusive locations in the US and Europe and attract the audience there instead to roam from the hotel.

Thus, I think we are eventually get to see Avicii on stage again. Already before, and also during the upcoming tour, has a significant share of Aviciis shows have been “resident-gigs” where he stayed a long time in the same place. Not infrequently in Las Vegas or in Ibiza. There is also a future.

As it looks now, will be the very last gig at Ushuaia Beach Hotel in Ibiza. It’ll be a proper blow-out.

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